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The Team

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With over 90 years of experience duck hunting and decades of guiding, our guides know just how to put ducks in front of your barrel! They're truly some of the hardest working guys in the business because they want every client to have an exceptional and memorable experience.

All of our senior guides are veterans of the U.S. military and they bleed red, white, and blue!

One glance at the number of bands on their lanyards, and you'll know you're in good hands!

Tom Sawyer - Guide

Tom Sawyer - Senior Guide

Growing up on the Mississippi Flyway, Tom's first love was unquestionably duck hunting. He killed his first duck at the tender age of six years old in 1954 and he's never looked back.

Throughout his tenured career, Tom has guided in Ontario, Illinois, Stuttgart, Arkansas, and Northeast Arkansas to name a few places. And while he's not a braggart, we can assure you he's been responsible for the demise of tens of thousands of ducks and geese! If a duck or goose can think it or do it, Tom's been there to see it.

Tom's vast experience is clutch in the blind, but what keeps people coming back is his personality and friendship. Come spend some time with him in the blind and you'll see just what we mean.

Rick Murphy - Guide

Rick Murphy - Senior Guide

Born and raised in Northeast Arkansas, Rick fell in love with duck hunting in the timber when he was just 10 years old. That hunt took place 20 miles from our club and his passion for the sport is every bit as intense today as it was on that morning in 1978!

Since then, Rick has only missed duck season while he was in the service. And at the age of 53, he still finds himself unable to sleep the night before opening day.

Rick's passion for the sport allowed him to transition to his dream job of guiding for the last 25 years. And while he loves to shoot ducks himself, he prefers to share his affection for the sport and pass on what he's learned to fellow sportsmen. If you love duck hunting, you'll have a lifelong friend in Rick Murphy.

Jim Webber - Outfitter

Jim Webber - Outfitter

Jim's outdoor foundation began literally as a toddler while his father would carry him through the woods on his shoulders. Before long, he was permanently hooked. This life-long obsession with the outdoors is one he's been unable and unwilling to turn off. In many ways, it defines who he is.

As an avid duck, deer, hog, and turkey hunter, each season offers another opportunity for Jim to be in the woods, in the field, or on the water chasing game, scouting for the next season and generally enjoying the outdoors. If you ask him, hunting is a 365 day-a-year commitment.

While Jim has been fortunate to chase game in some of the most picturesque and pristine settings, his favorite place to be is in a duck blind in Arkansas with good friends. Give Jim a call to book your next hunt and you'll see just what we mean.

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Key Contributors - Eric Eaton / Brandan Teague

Key Contributors - Eric Eaton / Brandan Teague

While some guys specialize in specific jobs, Eric and Brandan's job is to specialize in all jobs. From building blinds and improving habitat in the off season, to scouting and helping guide during duck season, these guys can do it all. Their love for the outdoors and all things waterfowl is both relentless and infectious!

Share a blind with these gents, and you're sure to have a good time!

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