Fully Guided Duck Hunts

Fully guided duck hunt in the timber: $300 per gun per day

Children under 16: $150

Non-hunting guest: Free

What to expect - Our guides will transport you through the woods to one of our many blinds. Once you arrive, you'll walk on catwalks above the water with handrails so waders aren't necessary. Upon entering the blind, you'll notice double dog boxes, (you're welcome to bring your own dog) as well as switches to operate motion decoys and robos from inside the blinds. Each hole is selected carefully based on previous scouting and wind conditions. Decoys are already present and are constantly re-positioned based on the circumstances. As you warm up from the heaters in the blind, your guides will start the hunt by walking through shooting times and safety rules. Before long, these veterans will be sweet talking the birds into the hole for you. Once the hunt is over, your guides will assist in taking pictures for you and, of course, transporting you back.

Guided Specklebelly Hunts

Fully guided Specklebelly Goose hunt: $250 per gun per day

What to expect - Our goose hunts are generally done in the afternoons. Our guides will meet you at a predetermined rendezvous point where they'll then transport you to one of our goose pits. All of our pits are positioned in ag fields (generally rice or beans) and are strategically positioned between the Black River and the Cache River where the geese love to be! It's not uncommon to see tens of thousands of snow geese during an evening hunt. And while these are speck hunts, you're more than welcome to shoot snows if the opportunity presents itself.

Note: All duck hunts require a 50% deposit to hold your dates. Deposits are non-refundable. In the event that something arises and your party is unable to hunt on the dates you booked, we will do our best to move you to different dates. However, we can not guarantee availability as dates are continuously booked throughout the season. Deposits are unable to be transferred to the remaining balance of your hunt in the event that your trip gets cut short or if some of your party is unable to attend.

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